Original Designed Lighting

Posted by LEDZ 30/01/2021 0 Comment(s)

Ian Bibby sees so many websites carrying the same old products derived from China sources or uber expensive Italian designs offered through interior design houses in the UK leaving genuine UK designed and manufactured product searching for  its outlet.

For four decades the struggles to design and make products using state of the art lighting technology have continued. His mission started in 1982 after leaving teaching. It was simple enough. Through good design and technology make simple products that contribute significantly to a reduction in the use of energy and have a long life to avoid a throw away.

Early products included Lumidrive C. A retrofit adapter to convert existing edison and bayonet lamp sockets from typically 60 watt to 9 watt compact fluorecent lamps.

More recently when the development of LED ligt emitting diodes in 1991 came to the fore Ian Bibby has focussed on using this technology to develope other lighting solutions. Some of these are virtual one off solutions using the latest high output LED technology combined with heat sink design and 3D printing. Product names synonymous with abstract concepts or other well known names and solutions are used by him to create nicknames for products often conjured up during the desing and prototyping process.

Light Squirter TM and Isigoni are two such examples. Both lamps in all their forms are designed, created and manufactured in the UK. Testing and proving of the technology deployed is also a key element to drive reliability and whilst solutions often appear basic they do have sophisticated technology at their core.

Thanks to contributors such as Seoul and Sunlike LED who provided initial samples for use in creation of this new product.