Posted by Tom 25/10/2021 0 Comment(s)

Normally the use of GU10 LED Lamps is condidered as an alternative to "Engineered" LED. At BB Light we use the term engineered to denote a product where we use COB (Chip on board) LED solution in order to create a lighting product with significantly enhanced features which would be impossible to achieve by using a GU10 LED lamp solution. Here are some typical examples:-

Shorter Life, reduced outset cost, reduced light quality, reduced light output, less efficient.

Of course in lighting a space, key elements should be considered before making the decision to invest in GU10 LED Lamp or Engineered product. One of the most important considerations will be the likely hours of use. Where lighting is used for long periods each day and the demands of the space need higher light output a GU10 solution will struggle to provide long life and light output. Simply increasing the number of units used will be a false economy.

However, there will be examples where spaces may have very light usage, typically less than a few hours a week. In this case it would be worth considering use of a GU10 LED Lamp.

In summary, the life of an engineered COB LED solution compared to GU10 Led will be very much longer. Purchsing of replacement GU10 LED Lamps could involve purchase of up to twenty lamps per unit when compared to the engineered solution and considering the energy input and carbon footprint to manufacture the GU10 LED solution it becomes difficult to justify use of the GU10 LED Lamp solution.

Life of GU10 LED lamps has improved over time. However there are lamp solutions in the market place which are suspect of quality, warranty and consistency. Filling a super market trolly with GU10 LED Lamps every month is not a recommendation.