CLEANSE Recessed Downlight

New CLEANSE Recessed Downlight
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Eliminate Covid 19 and other airborne virus using NEW Cleanse Square Recessed Downlight UV sanitising and Illumination.

The Cleanse Downlight is a passive and continuous method to sanitise air and surfaces in both occupied and unoccupied spaces.

Equipped with Far-UVC source the downlight delivers 222 nanometer UV light to incativate microbes; The reduction achieved is dependent on the type of contaminant, distance from the source and duration of exposure. Scientific data supports the germicidal efficacy and human safety of the Far-UVC (222nm) technology, including independent research backed by many peer-reviewed research papers.

The integral illumination features a boost at 435nm to help activate antimicrobial properties of Ti02 found in surface coatings and cleaners.


UVC Source 222 nanometer

Life of UVC 3000 Hours

Light Source

LED Standard White at 435nm to activate antimicrobial properties of Ti02 coatings and cleaners

Colour Temp 4000K RA90

Life to L80 69000 Hours


220-240V 50Hz

Power 20 Watt

Modes. 3 Sanitisation Modes, Manual Motion (Illumination and On/Off, Far-UV (Motion Controlled), Active Sanitisation (Far-UV on 30 Minutes every hour) Passive Sanitisation (Far-UV on in an unoccupied space)


Housing Cast Aluminium and PC

Dimensions 180mm Square/Diameter

Cut Out 145mm Diameter

Download:  Research Report 222nm Safety

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