LED Driver 350mA Dimmable by Push Button

New LED Driver 350mA Dimmable by Push Button
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Dimmable by Push Button or Non Retractive switch LED Driver 

Often the need for a switch plate where a mix of a conventional rotary knob style dimmer and a switch are aesthetically incompatible by using "push dimmable driver" allows the use of a non latching switch to dim. The other gang which can be a conventional switch will then match aesthetically. This is espcially useful when toggle switches are used to re create a period look. Non latching toggle switches are available from quality manufacturers. Dimming using push dim is simple and smooth. The installing electrician needs to be informed that this method is required and can be especially useful where dimming is required from more than one location as in conventional two way or intermediate control

Technical Information

Driver is 350mA Constant Current for LED loads

Max Load 15 Watts

Dimmable by PUSH BUTTON

IP20 Class II

Input Voltage 100-250VAC

Self resetting protection against over temperature, and short circuit


L138 x W40 x H28.5mm



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