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Karina CleanAir TM is a machine developed by BB Light to kill airbourne pathogens such as Covid.

KARINA CleanAir has been designed to process air in a typical room size such as medium office, classroom, reception area typically 8M x 8M x 3M High

Karina has several speeds of operation and can be set and or programmed to totally cleanse air quickly by use of forced air through two Hepa Filters over two ultra violet tubes. Therefore KARINA cleans air using the same safe process that has sterilised water for many decades.

Principles of Disinfection

Karina CleanAir adopts H13 high efficiency filters and Ultra Violet modules. Whilst the filters intercept 99.9% of aerosols and particles carrying bacterial pathogens. The photoactivity of the ultra violet in combination with filter material completely kills bacteria and virus's and effectively removes formaldehyde, VOC, allergens and mites. Two pieces of UVC disinfection tube irradiate the filters and the airflow to achieve targeted irradiation and disinfection of the passing air flow.

KARINA CleanAir's control panel indicates the quality of air after passing the UVC and filers with a colour coded display.

KARINA is fitted with 4 easy move lockable castors for easy movement and relocation.


Input Voltage 220V-240V 50Hz

Rated Power 97 Watts

Noise 35-65 dB(A)

Application Area Max 108 Sqaure Metres per machine 900 Cubic Metres per hour

Size Unpacked 370mm x 400mm x 796mm high

Weight 18.6KG





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