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BB MICRO LED Floor Standing Reading Lamp  One Watt miniature LED producing 130 lumens a..
£475.20 Ex Tax: £396.00
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BBFL Light SquirterTM Floor Lamp Engineered LED Floor Lamp/Task light with beam angle 25 Deg..
£462.00 Ex Tax: £385.00
BBTL Light SquirterTM LED Table/Desk Lamp 25 Degree Beam Angle and fully adjustable projection he..
£342.00 Ex Tax: £285.00
LUCAS LIGHT SQUIRTERTM. This product has moved to www.ianbibby.co.uk handmade design website LIGH..
£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00
LUCAS DESK. LIGHT SQUIRTERTM is a NEW LED Task/Desk Light. This product has moved to www.ianbib..
£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00