UVC Air Sanitisation Luminaire

New UVC Air Sanitisation Luminaire
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NEW BB Recessed Sterilisation and Illumination Panel Luminaire.

The BB recessed Air Sterilisation Luminaire is designed to be used in a typical T bar suspended ceiling. It is both a Luminaire and Far-UVC air handling unit combined and can esily be substituted for other 598x598 panel luminaires or celing tiles.

We have designed this unique product in response to Covid. It is an invaluable tool which can be used to cleanse and eradicate airbourne bacteria, virus microbes and other TVOV's.

The Luminaire is fabricated from new nanometre compound materials and the structure from powder coated mild steel, ABS polycarbonate and aluminium. The illuminating surface panel is also created from nano material.

On two sides the air inlet screens contain Far-UVC 405nm and special non woven fabric and an activated carbon layer to treat passing air before being re-expelled. The air processing is driven by centrifugal fan with a low noise level of only <40dB whilst processing air at 240cfm.

The unit requires periodic replacement of filters which are available as spares. Whilst the luminaire remains operational when filters reach end of efficient life, the air handling unit will shut down after 2160 hours until filters are replaced and the unit is reset.

The unit is designed to be practical whilst being one of other tools available to sterilise air and surfaces in the fight against many bacteria including Covid.


Power 36 Watt Luminaire and 28 Watt fan unit

Overall Size 598x598mm x 120mm max height

Voltage AC 200-240V 50.60 Hz. Also available as AC 90-140V 50-60Hz

Total Weight 6.5Kg's

Lumen Output 3600lm at 4000K

Noise 40dB

Throughput  240 Cubic fett per minute


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